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Our Team

A family-owned lighting design & installation company with over 35+ years in the industry. John Ferry is the engineer who has been in the electrical and lighting industry his whole career. Jake Ferry, has been in the landscape & lighting industries for the past five years. Trey Ferry has been in the building & sales industry for the past ten years. 

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The Full Story

The electrical industry is nothing new to the Calming Lights family! Our founder, John Ferry, started out helping his father, an electrician before he was in high school. He went on to work as a technician and engineer for one of Charlotte’s largest utility companies. After decades in the industry and owning several electrical and lighting companies, John started Calming lights.

Jake Ferry & Trey Ferry joined the company as it grew. Trey Ferry brought several years of experience in the building industry and as a sales manager for a local phone company. Jake Ferry brought several years of experience as a lineman for a large utility company and as the owner of a local landscape company.


Core Values

Calming Lights strives to provide a unique, luxury lighting design experience focused on our core values: quality, professionalism, creativity, and reliability.

Experience Calm

The calming name comes from the feeling that you get when your home is bathed in a warm glow. Our designers take the unique attributes of your home and use them to design the perfect lighting plan. Our installers incorporate your custom plan and our premium lighting to add beauty, safety, and value to your home.

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