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Vintage Movie Projector

Outdoor Ambiance

Providence Forest

Weddington, NC

Beautiful backyard turned celebratory oasis.

Client's Wishes

The client was moving, so their only goal was to improve the value of their home. He also wanted to hide the storage space behind the hot tub for the new guests, which would possibly do more entertaining. Our high-quality lights made of maritime brass will safeguard the landscape until the new owner moves out.

Designer's Comments

Our client's vision is always our primary determinant when deciding the direction of a design. Increasing the home's value would be the main focus of this design. It's a lovely home with mass amounts of property and unique hardscaping to show off, but there's an array of floodlighting. The paths and stair centerpiece would also need to be lit, adding to the already busy lighting space. We had to get creative with our usage of light & dark to hide the storage area behind the hot tub. We set the backdrop with five CL01 Up lights shooting into the dark and seemingly scary wilderness. Next, we would declare our focal points on the beautiful trees of this property. The angled backdrop and lighting the 50' Magnolia tree darken the storage perfectly. Finally, we would shift focus to the paths and hardscaping staircase. The CL07 Mini lights wash the stairs in uplighting, making the rise a piece of cake. A set of four path lights would be needed to ensure a safe regress. Three CL03 Path lights create a triangle indicating the downstairs, inside, and exit intersections.

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