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Architectural Lighting


Waxhaw, NC

Home bathed in a Calming ocean-like glow.

Client's Wishes

Our client just had a new patio built and wanted to enjoy it, even at night. Future plans to move made increasing the value of their home a primary design goal. A marvelous display of stone architecture made it easy to achieve these wishes. The challenge came from their desire to make their space safe without flooding their neighbors with light.

Designer's Comments

The sheer number of homes in such a tight space made this job a difficult one from the beginning. A clear focal point of the beautiful stone architecture quickly became apparent. We reduced the lumens to use sound design numbers and not blind the neighbors. In the backyard, we shifted focus to the incredible landscaping and sent CL01 Uplighting about 50' up the 3 giant Maple trees. Path lighting would have to be strategically placed to guide the eye subtly through the property and not leave any dark spots. There's a psychological factor to the collection of darkness and the what-ifs associated with them. Our client wanted their kids and relatives to be able to enjoy their outdoor living areas even after dark. We used another trio of path lighting to flood the entirety of the patio with warm, Calming Lights.

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