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Vintage Movie Projector

Custom Lighting


Weddington, NC

Downlighting creates a unique arrival for guests.

Client's Wishes

This client articulated his desire to transform his front yard. He wanted guests to have a special welcome. We decided to mimic moonlighting by placing downlighting aimed at the driveway. Custom landscape lighting and beautifully unique architecture would take care of the rest.

Designer's Comments

The driveway was a gargantuan piece of this design puzzle, and the one we felt we had to nail as a team.. We took as many days perfecting the arrival design as we did on the front and back yard combined. Downlighting emulating moonlighting is a beautiful aesthetic, but it is as intricate as it is aesthetic. The CL 02 Down Light is miraculous lighting option because it has multiple-angle alignment capabilities. Multiple variables led to more opportunities for inaccuracy, but our team rose to the occasion and nailed it.

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